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In existographies, Zadquiel Lugo (40- AE) (1995- ACM) (LH:3) is a Venezuelan writer, musician, abioist atheist, and hmolscience philosopher, noted for []


In 2019, Lugo, while searching for knowledge on psychology on the Internet and looking for books, found Hmolpedia, finding topics such as the defunct theory of life, Beckhap's law, entropy change in respect to reading and the mind, e.g. discussed by Stephen Hawking, among others, and began to read avidly.

In 2021, Lugo, in his “Cosmic Horror and its Connection with Science: Analysis”, discussed the advanced perspective, some of the work of Libb Thims, and the cosmic horror ideas of Howard Lovecraft in respect to modern science.[1]



Lugo has been influenced by: Goethe, Newton, Einstein, Leonardo Vinci, Libb Thims, Howard Lovecraft, and Marilyn Monroe.


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The following are quotes by Lugo:

“The greatest minds in history. My big influences are in the top 2000 list: Goethe (my strongest influence), Newton, Einstein, Leonardo Vinci, and Libb Thims. Thims has influenced me in my: atheism, my determinism; I became interested in thermodynamics; I discovered the work of Goethe; my understanding of intelligence changed; in my work ethic (work hard, study hard, don’t waste your time; in unlearning the idea that I am alive. Nothing is. I learned about Beckhap's law, the influence of latitudes on the intellect, the way in which books and the search for self-taught knowledge can change the entropy of the body.”
— Zadquiel Lugo (66AE), "Tweet", May 4[2]

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