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In occupations, writer (LH:42) refers to who uses words, written on paper, stone, or digital pages, to convey meaning, information, or stories; someone who works in the field of written literature, generally divided between fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, among other varieties.


The following are the top writers, according to Pantheon’s HPI ranking (PR), as of 2020 (65AE):[1]

# Person Country
William Shakespeare English
Dante Alighieri Italian
Homer Greek
Johann Goethe German
Fyodor Dostoevsky Russian
John Tolkien English
Hans Andersen Danish
Voltaire French
Franz Kafka Austrian
Leo Tolstoy Russian
Victor Hugo French
Edgar Poe English
Jules Verne French
Moliere French
Honore Balzac French
Albert Camus Algerian-born French
Sophocles Greek
Virgil Italian
Petrarch Italian
Jean Sartre French
Anton Chekhov
Alexander Pushkin
Giovanni Boccaccio
Agatha Christie
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Ernest Hemingway
Charles Dickens
Mark Twain
Miguel de Cervantes
Émile Zola
Henrik Ibsen
Anne Frank
George Orwell
Arthur Conan Doyle
Alexandre Dumas
Thomas Mann
Hermann Hesse
Marcel Proust
Oscar Wilde
Giacomo Casanova
Denis Diderot
Simone de Beauvoir
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Gabriel García Márquez
Charles Baudelaire

End matter


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