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An example of "woo woo word salad", at least according to some[1], in respect to Karl Heinzen's 1846 atheist views on life and non-life, and how "nothing is dead" (see: abioism), in a universe that is a materially-powered chemically-transforming laboratory. A “Nyarly god” is shown adding some “chaos” to the mixture, using 100% pure “Entropy Extract”, brewed at the "center of the universe".[2]

In terms, word salad (LH:#) refers to []


In c.2012, Sam Harris, in his atheism debates, began to popularize he term “word salad”, in respect to those who mix a bunch of scientific words together, in a sentence, to make a god argument. A typical flavor of Chopra word salad can be found using the Random Chopra Quote Generator.[3]

In the late 2010s, the terms “woo salad” and “woo woo salad”, a play on Harris “word salad” and Shermer-Randi “woo woo” term, were being used online. To exemplify, Thims posted up a long-but-intelligent quote by Karl Heinzen, which borders on abioism:

“The mind is nothing but the result of an organic combination of physical powers. The universe is, as it were, a chemical, magnetical, electrical, etc., laboratory, in which, the material powers (also called vital powers) consummate their unceasing changes and transformations. Where one formation ceases [final state], another begins [initial state]. Even the corpse of man lives; but this is no longer human life, it is only the life of ‘anorganic’ nature [see: inorganic life], to which the human form, after its dissolution, returns, and out of which ‘organic’ nature reproduces itself. There is nothing dead in the world, and dying implies only a retransformation to the material of common life.”
Karl Heinzen (1846), Six Letters to a Pious Man (pgs. 13-15)

Two users characterized this as woo salad:

“It doesn't really ‘just’ anything, the quote was chosen and appreciated by [Thims] because it is in the same vain as all of EoHT in that it's overly convoluted and bombastic bordering on woowoo word salad of fairly simple concepts with redefinitions and expanding. Heinzen was a poet as well as a philosopher so that can excuse or explain it for this quote but Thims just does it to sound deep and smart.”
— Loyal-North-Korean (2020), Comment on Hmolpedia hyper-linked Karl Heinzen 1846 quote, Reddit Atheism, Jan [1]
“While I agree that god does not exist, this is a really roundabout way to get there and the whole thing drifts off into woo salad with that bit about 'there is nothing dead in the world’.”
— Divide-by Zero (2020), Comment on Hmolpedia hyper-linked Karl Heinzen 1846 quote, Reddit Atheism, Jan [1]

Here, we see confused reactions to the Heinzen quote, namely that the not only is the Heinzen quote "woo salad", but Hmolpedia is "overly convoluted and bombastic bordering on woo woo word salad" done so to "sound deep and smart". This highlights ignorance par excellence. Heinzen and Thims are atheists. Life and death are theistic concepts. Hence, a science based atheist who attempt to defend and define "life" and "death" in the language of "exact science", the science of chemical thermodynamics being at the base of this, produces what Lotkean Jabberwocky (1925)[4]. It is open atheistic thinkers like Heinzen and Thims, who are going to great lengths, in precise language and argument, to combat Jabberwock and life-based word salad, not the other way around, nor doing so to "sound deep and smart". It is a simple matter of fact that the hydrogen atom is NOT alive, and that grand confusion abounds between what properties people believe they "have" and what properties they also believe that hydrogen has, most of which are incongruent, to the point of producing absurdities and objectionable nonsense.

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