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In existographies, Wilhelm Ostwald (102-23 BE) (1853-1932 ACM) (IQ:190|#37) (RGM:87|1,350+) (PR:2,006|65AE / chemist:17) (SN:15) (FA:94) (GCE:21) (CR:298) (LH:14) (TL:314|#20) was a German physical chemist, philosopher, and atheism activist, noted for []


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“It must be restated from its very foundation, because, as I have been maintaining for the last ten years, the matter-and-motion theory (or scientific materialism) has outgrown itself and must be replaced by another theory, to which the name ‘energetics’ has been given. The question therefore takes the form: what has energetics to say about immortality?”
— Wilhelm Ostwald (1906), Individuality and Immortality (pg. 7)[1]
“I am made from the C-H-N-O-S-P combination from which a Bunsen, Helmholtz, Kirchhoff came.”
— Wilhelm Ostwald (1926), Lifelines: an Autobiography[2]; compare Carl Sagan (1980)

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