What is the meaning of reaction existence?

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In queries, what is the meaning of reaction existence?, formerly known, in defunct speak, via the question “what is the meaning of life?” (TR:10) (GPC:2)[1], is the question of what is meaning of one's animated existence?


The meaning of "powered CHNOPS+ species" existence, or reaction existence, aka "meaning of life" (in dumbspeak), a human defined as a powered CHNOPS+20E species, is the question of what it means for a person to "reactively exist" or what is the "point" of existence – the defunct term "life" semi-redefined as "faculty of reaction" (Lubicz, 1949) – the solution of which resolves itself in the discernment of inflection points or saddle points on various energy landscapes[2] of one's reaction coordinate paths, as outlined in the various point-fullness models[3], such as: "chemical peneplanation" model (Blum, 1934)[4], Lindsay model (Lindsay, 1983), Beg model (Beg, 1987)[5], Lange model (Lange, 2001), Hwang model (Hwang, 2001)[6], or Gates model (Thims, 2015)[7]; which can be compared to paradigm-questioning models, e.g. "Pirsig paradox" (Pirsig, 1991); which can be contrasted with the various nihilistic existentialism and or point-lessness models[8], e.g. the "Dostoyevsky dilemma" (Dostoyevsky, 1880)[9], "Camus model" (Camus, 1942)[10], or "Weinberg model" (Weinberg, 1977).

Defunct | What is the meaning of life?

Historically, the “what is the meaning of life?” (TR:10)[11] has been in the top three rankings of "greatest philosophical conundrums" (GPC:2)[1] of all time, according to polled rankings. In the 20th century, however, the term "life" itself began to come under attack, from the physicists, chemists, and physiologists, e.g. Lotka (1925), Sherrington (1938), Crick (1961), Rogers (1990s)[12], and Dowling (1998); for example:

“Lets us abandon the word ‘alive’.”
— Francis Crick (1961), Of Molecules and Men (pg. 5)

In the 21st century, this became more acute. Firstly, in 2008 Michael Brooks, in his 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense: the Most Baffling Mysteries of Our Time, categorizing “life” as the fifth biggest thing, in modern science, that does NOT make sense? Then, in 2009, Libb Thims published "Life: a Defunct Scientific Theory", which erupted into the "defunct theory of life debate", which remained a heated topic for about five years. In 2012, Thims began to introduce "life terminology reform", to solve the ongoing situation; and in 2015 coined the term "abioism" (and abioist), as disbelief in the existence of life. Since then, others, such as Ferris Jabr (2013)[13] and FeakyBit (2020)[14], have independently arrived at the same point of view, namely: that “life” does not exist.

Accordingly, if "life" does not exist, which seems to be the case, then to ask the question: what is the meaning of ["something that does not exist"]? resolves into baseless question, in short.


The following are related quotes:

“Another salient point of debate, which is silently incongruent, is that if humans are indeed molecules, and if humans are alive, then by logical extrapolation, either all molecules are alive or no molecules are alive or only certain types of molecules can be appropriately defined as being alive. This is an interesting puzzle. Life from a human chemical perspective is best defined as series or sets of evolving parallel biochemical reactions. The meaning of life, subsequently, is to react. On this definition, we might ask: what does it mean to react? Or, if something reacts, does that mean it is alive? These are fascinating questions with discernible answers.”
Libb Thims (2007), Human Chemistry, Volume One (pg. 128) [15]

End matter


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