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A 66AE advert for Corona beer, tagline: "la vida mas fina", English translation: "the finest life", mythical translation: "filled with the vis of Venus"; the term "vida" (Spanish) is "vita" (Latin) in English.

In religio-mythology, vita (TR:17) (LH:2) (TL:19) is a property assigned to things that received the “vis”, or divine animation force, of the goddess Venus.


The following are quotes:

“The poets, through the conjunction of fire and moisture, are indicating that the vis, ‘force’, which they have is that of Venus [Aphrodite]. Those born of vis have what is called vita, ‘life’, and that is what is meant by Lucilius (c.120BC) when he says: ‘life is force you see: to do everything force doth compel us’.”
Marcus Varro (c.50BC), On the Latin Language [1]

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  1. Varro, Marcus. (c.50BC). On the Latin Language: On the Science and the Origin of Words, Addressed to Cicero (pg. #). Publisher.

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