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In existographies, Travis Derouin (c.1975-) (CR:5) is a Canadian computer programmer and website engineer noted for his 2013 to present work on running the WikiFoundry architecture and server platform; wiki platform for Hmolpedia (until Aug 2020).


In 2005, Derouin joined on as an engineer with newly-launched WikiHow (Ѻ) website, founded by Jack Herrick, where he was responsible for several of the Mediawiki add-on features and for building the website's architecture; remaining there until 2011.

WetPaint | WikiFoundry wikis

In Sep 2013, Derouin purchased the wikifarm portion of Wetpaint, from Ben Elowitz, or whoever owned it by that point, which had begun to atrophy, owing to lack of maintenance, and rebranded it as “”, and began to upgrade and rebuild the original code, get better and more powerful servers, etc., thereby making the wiki functional again.

In Mar 2016, Derouin was working to move the platform of WikiFoundry to bigger more powerful servers and to re-write a big portion of the original Wetpaint code, which is out of date.

In 2018 to 2020, the functionality of the WikiFoundry platform, had begun to deteriorate, with the site being down often, images not showing, site search box not working, Captcha issues, and so on.

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