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In terms, transformation equivalent (TR:17) (LH:#) (TL:#) refers to []


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“By the introduction of the expression ‘without compensation’ (verses ‘of itself’), combined with a full interpretation of this phrase, the statement of the second principle: ‘that heat cannot without compensation pass from a colder to a warmer body’, becomes complete and exact; but in order to understand it we must have a previous knowledge of the theory of transformation-equivalents, or in other words ‘entropy’, and it is to be feared that we shall have to be taught thermodynamics for several generations before we can expect beginners to receive as axiomatic the theory of entropy.”
James Maxwell (1878), “Tait’s Thermodynamics” [1]

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    (b) Maxwell, James C. (1878). “Tait’s Thermodynamics: Part Two”, (pgs. 278-81). Nature, Feb. 07.

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