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In terms, transformation (TR:300) (LH:6) (TL:306|#110) refers to []


The following are quotes:

“We tacitly assume in our demonstration, that when a body [working body] has experienced any changes, and when after a certain number of transformations it returns to precisely its ‘original state’ [Lavoisier, 1783], that is, to the state considered in respect to density, to temperature, to mode of aggregation [atomic order]—let us suppose, I say, that this body is found to contain the same quantity of heat that it contained at first.”
Sadi Carnot (1824), On the Motive Power of Fire (pg. 19) [1]

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  1. Carnot, Sadi. (1824). Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire: and on Machines Fitted to Develop that Power (editor: Eric Mendoza) (pg. 19). Dover, 1960.

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