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In existographies, Thomas Young (182-126 BE) (1773-1829 ACM) (IQ:190|#20) (ID:3.48|55) (RGM:772|1,350+) (PR:5,029|65AE / physicist:120) (Murray 4000:19|P) (RMS:47) (PL:1K) (CR:106) (LH:4) (TL:110|#105) was an English physicist, physician, linguist, and philosopher, aka “phenomena Young” (medical school classmates, c.1793), “one of the most acute men” (Helmholtz, c.1860), a “walking encyclopedia” (Robinson, 2006), noted for []


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The following are quotes by Young:

“Whoever would arrive at excellence must be self-taught. There is, in reality, very little that a person who is serious and industriously disposed to improve may not obtain from books with more advantage than from a living instructor.”
— Thomas Young (1798), “Letter to Brother”[1]
“The term ‘energy’ may be applied, with great propriety, to the product of mass or weight of a body, into the square of the number expressing its velocity. Thus, if the weight of one ounce moves with a velocity of a foot in a second, we call its energy 1; if a second body of two ounces has a velocity of three feet in a second, its energy will be twice the square of three, or 18..”
— Thomas Young (1802), A Course of Lectures on Natural Philosophy and the Mechanical Arts: Volume One (pg. 60)[2]
“The longer a person has lived the less he gains by reading, and the more likely he is to forget what he has read and learnt of old; and the only remedy that I know of is to write upon every subject that he wishes to understand, even if he burns what he has written.”
— Thomas Young (1809), “Letter to Hudson Gurney”[1]

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