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In existographies, Thomas Sowell (25- BE) (1930- ACM) [RGM:899|1,350+] (SPE:43|2021) (GBG:18) (LH:2) is an American economist and social theorist, noted for []


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The following are quotes by Sowell:

“What was peculiar about Western civilization was the fact that it was the first civilization to turn against slavery, and that it spent a century destroying slavery, not only within Western civilization itself, but also within other countries around the world, over the often bitter and armed resistance of people in other societies. It is the image of racial slavery, white people enslaving black people, that has been indelibly burned into the consciousness of by black and white Americans to this very day, by the intelligentsia, and not simply as a matter of the past, but as a causal factor used to explain much of the present, and an enduring moral condemnation of the enslaving race. Yet, two crucial facts have been filtered out of this picture. One, the institution of slavery was not based on race. Two, whites as well as black were enslaved.”
— Thomas Sowell (2020), “Facts about Slavery they Don’t Teach you at School” [1]


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  • Sowell, Thomas. (2005). Black Rednecks: and White Liberals. Publisher.


  • Sowell, Thomas. (2020). “On Black Lives Matter” (YT), Thomas Sowell, Sep 30.

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