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In existographies, Thomas Macaulay (1800-1859) (IQ:175|#287) (IQD:2.97|A59) (Cattell 1000:90) (CR:5) was an English historian and politician, noted for []


In 1848, Macaulay published his five-volume History of England, in volume four of which he details the trial and execution of Thomas Aikenhead.


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The following are quotes on Macaulay:

Macaulay (1825), with is a custom perspicuity, puts it thus: ‘great minds do indeed react on a society which has made them what they are, but they only pay with the interest what they have received.’ Certainly, many of the world's heroes how functioned only in this passive weight. However, insofar as the genius embodies the new, he is or maybe an active social force. He then generates, creates, and transforms; he is an agent of evolution. If he discovers the western hemisphere or writes the Origin of Species it is an innovator that he acts. He is truly the initiator of fundamental and abiding change in the direction of the new.”
Newell Sims (1924), Society and Surplus (pg. 344) [1]
“Young Sidis was truly an intellectual phenomenon. His childhood achievements ranked with those of John Mill, Thomas Macaulay, and Johann Goethe.”
— Abraham Sperling (1946), “A Story of Genius”

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The following are quotes by Macaulay:

“It is the age that forms the man, not the man that forms the age. Great minds do indeed ‘react’ on a society which has made them what they are, but they only pay with the interest what they have received.”
— Thomas Macaulay (1825), “Essay on John Dryden”; cited by Newell Sims (1924) in Society and Surplus (pg. 344)[1]
” The highest proof of virtue is to possess boundless power without abusing it.”
— Thomas Macaulay (c.1845), Publication
“I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without the desire to read.”
— Thomas Macaulay (c.1845), Publication


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