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In existographies, Thomas Huxley (130-60 BE) (1825-1895 ACM) (IQ:170|#387) (ID:2.43|70) (RGM:412|1,350+) (PR:2,224|65AE / biologist:19) (Gottlieb 1000:799) (FA:142) (CR:126) (LH:12) (TL:139|#78) was an English natural philosopher, aka “Darwin’s bulldog”, noted for []



Noted grandchildren of Thomas Huxley include: Aldous Huxley, who wrote about entropy, second law, and the soul in many of his works, Julian Huxley, who had views on anti-entropy and evolution.[1]


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Huxley and myself are spoken of as ‘ignoring the existence of god, and advocating pure and simple materialism’.”
John Tyndall (1874), “Atheistic Materialism”, BAAS Address (§:Preface) (pg. vii)[2]

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