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In existographies, Thomas Aquinas (730-681 BE) (1225-1274 ACM) (IQ:170|#419) (ID:3.47|49) (Cattell 1000:384) (RGM:119|1,350+) (PR:101|65AE / philosopher:16) (Murray 4000:6|WP) (Gottlieb 1000:8) (Becker 139:9|16L) (Stokes 100:22) (Listal 100:11) (Durant 10:5) (GPhE:#) (CR:54) (LH:4) (TL:58|#182) was an Italian theologian and philosopher, noted for []


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The following are quotes on Aquinas:

“In the thirteenth century, the creation of the world in six days, and the unchangeableness of the individual soul which had been so distinctly affirmed by Thomas Aquinas, were both denied philosophically, but admitted to be true as articles of the Catholic faith.”
John Tyndall (1874), “Atheistic Materialism”, BAAS Address (pg. 18)[1]

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