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In solutions, Thims problems solved (LH:1) refers to []


The following is a work-in-progress listing of problems, ciphers, or puzzles solved by Libb Thims:

# Seen Name Solved Overview
Passions are not like playing cards 2001
Human molecular formula 2002 Note: a less-exact 22-element solution to this problem was independently arrived at by Robert Sterner and James Elser (2000).
Abraham and Brahma problem 2003
Human chemical bond 2005
Great problem of natural philosophy 2009 See: Defunct theory of life debate; abioism
Problem of evil 2011
Mind body problem 2013
Purposeless universe problem 2015
Joshua 10:13 2116
2 Kings 2:24 2017
Dating problem 65AE
Mar 9
See: Thimsian calendar.
Sator square 66AE
Jan 21
Origin of the letter A 66AE
Apr 8
(add summary)[1]
Planck entropy problem
(aka disorder of the universe motto)
→ See: Planck entropy
Mar 9
After making the "characteristic function" table, followed by the "entropy of the universe tends to a maximum" (Clausius, 1865) article, wherein an end section on uncited attributions to an anonymous "universe tends towards disorder" (Boltzmann, 1898) version of the second law was being championed as fact in standard physics textbooks (Randall, 1925), Thims began comparing the 1854 to 1862 "transformation content" models of entropy and entropy increase (CF:10-12), with the historical development of Planck's understanding of entropy, from his PhD on the second law, to his Treatise on Thermodynamics (1897), to his “On the Law of Distribution of Energy in the Normal Spectrum” (1901), with his Eight Lectures on Theoretical Physics (1909), wherein, in the latter of which, the source of his error is seen, in his confusion of Carnot efficiency (Carnot, 1824) formula with the formulas for Clausius "irreversibility" (CF:10-12) (Clausius, 1854/1863), and his confusion about how he thinks the irreversibility occurs in the two heat reservoirs (not in the working body).
Drive thru paradox[2] Present: unsolved; partially solved: 2016.

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  2. Drive thru paradox – Hmolpedia 2020.

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