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A scanned image of a word file, derived from a folder of "names", which Libb Thims had been collecting for some time, of purported individuals with an said-to-possess IQ of 100 or above, uploaded (on Jan 2008) to Hmolpedia 2020, to the article "name".

In genius studies, Thims 15 (LH:#) refers to []


In Jan 2008, Libb Thims, after collecting more purported to be IQs at or above 200, made an MS word file, shown above, derived from his person folder collections of geniuses, of 15 supposed “geniuses” with IQs of 200 or above.[1]

On 24 Mar 2008, Thims converted the scanned image into a table, which he put into the newly-started article “IQ:200+”, with the William Sidis and Johann Goethe articles hyperlinked to their own articles.[2]

At this point, Thims didn't really have an opinion on the matter; the collection of names, was done as a matter of curiosity, in respect to the folklore, mixed with legend, of these purported-to-be 200 IQ geniuses, having been rumored about in the previous 80 or 90 years.

Here, again, we see a confused mess of real geniuses, e.g. Vinci or Goethe, mixed in with fake geniuses, e.g. Savant, and geniuses with IQ miscalculations, e.g. Galton, and child prodigies, e.g. Kearney or Grost, with IQ over-estimations.

On 24 Mar 2008, this list was posted online, and by 2009 the list had grown to 18-individuals, which was used to make a “IQ: 200+ | Smartest person ever” YouTube video; which was popular, getting about 20K views, but was removed by Thims, because it was too quickly and crudely made.

Thims 29

See main: Thims 29

On 28 Sep 2010, Thims had uncovered the purported "IQ of 400" of Adragon Mello, who in 1987 became America's youngest college graduate, at which point the list reached 29-names. Mello's IQ of 400, was calculated by his father when he was age five.[3] This new IQ:200+ addition, to Thims growing collection, being done at this point solely as a matter of investigative curiosity, became the infamous "version 465" edit (28 Sep 2020 8:20 PM CST) of the IQ:200+ table, where at this point, names were simply ranked according to who had the highest IQ, whatever the source, or means by which the IQ was calculated or determined, which is shown below in the "highest calculated IQ" (IQH) column. Thims, after sleeping on this new edition table, showing Mellor ranked at IQ 400 and Newton ranked at IQ 200, woke up and began to engage into the process of "adjusting" historically-cited IQs to the true or real values.

Thims 2000

In Apr 66AE, Thims had progressed in his corrective-rankings, into the form of the "top 2000 minds" rankings, showing about 1.2K names correctly ranked.

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