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In existographies, Theophile Donder (83 BE-2 AE) (1872-1957 ACM) (IQ:170|#390) (ID:2.02|84) (PR:40,515|65AE / physicist:566) (CR:76) (LH:5) (TL:81) was a Belgian mathematical physicist and thermodynamicist, note for []


In 1936, Donder, in his Thermodynamic Theory of Affinity, defined affinity as follows:[1]

where A is affinity, ∂ξ is the partial of the Gibbs energy G, ∂ξ is the partial of the reaction extent, p is pressure, and T is temperature, the latter shown in subscript signifying they are being held constant in the differentiation, in respect to the system being an isothermal and isobaric.

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  1. Donder, Theophile. (1936). Thermodynamic Theory of Affinity: A Book of Principles (pg. 2). Oxford University Press.

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