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In language, term (LH:10) is a word or expression that has a precise meaning in some uses or is peculiar to a science, art, profession, or subject.[1] Terminology is the study and classification of terms.

Terminology | Reform

A conceptual image of the thermodynamic lens, wherein all human phenomenon, and "terms" employed to define such observed phenomena, are viewed and seen, in a physico-chemically neutral, de-anthropomorphized sense (see: advanced perspective), as per chemical thermodynamics sees things.

In hmolscience, all "terms" have recognizable and definable according to chemistry, physics, and thermodynamics; otherwise it is likely that they are "anthropisms" (Sherrington, 1938), and not real. If a term employed to describe a "thing" that not physico-chemically definable, such as “life”, “self”, “purpose”, “soul”, etc., then there is a strong possibly that the term will need to undergo a process of “terminology reform”, wherein a replacement and or term alternatives are employed so that what is being talked about is real, understandable, measurable, and not an imaginary fiction.[2]


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