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In religio-mythology, sun god (TR:111) (LH:20) (TL:131) refers to a gravitationally-contracted ball hydrogen and helium atoms, thermonuclear reacting, releasing heat, in the form of photons, as a supernatural power; the sun conceptualized as a god.


The following shows the seven main sun gods of Egypt:

Sun gods.png

Namely: Horus, with "sun disc" on his head, the oldest of all the gods, from the tomb of Tutankhamun (1,300BC), Ra, Khepri, Atum, Ptah, Amen, and Aten.[1] These various forms of the sun god came into realized symbolic power during the five main "recensions" (see: recension theory)[2] of the state religion of Egypt, as shown below, as the religious power centers shifted over the centuries:

0. Pre-Dynastic creation myth | 3500BC | Supreme god: Horus
1. Heliopolis creation myth[3] | 3100BC | Supreme god: Ra or
Atum or Atum-Khepri (Pyramid Texts, 2500BC)
→ Atum-Ra (Coffin Texts, 2100BC) / Ennead
2. Memphis creation myth[4] | 2800BC | Supreme god: Ptah
3. Hermopolis creation myth[5] | 2400 BC | Supreme god: Ogdoad
4. Thebian creation myth | 2050 BC | Supreme god: Amen
5. Amarnan creation myth | 1300BC | Supreme god: Aten (theorist: Akhenaten)
6. Saite recension | 670BC | Book of Dead (canonized)
7. Biblical creation myth | 500BC | Supreme god: El-Yahweh-Amen
8. Muslim creation myth | 700AD | Supreme god: Allah

The "sun god", after the Judaic recension (300BC) and Roman recension (300AD), became Abraham and Jesus, aka Ra and Horus, rescripted as people.


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