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In existographies, Steven Weinberg (22- BE) (1933- ACM) (SPE:1|66AE) (PR:7,618|65AE / physicist:174) (Becker 160:100|3L) (FA:204) (CR:68) (LH:6) (TL:74) is an American physicist and philosopher, noted for []


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The following are quotes by Weinberg:

“The question of emergence: is it really true that there are new kinds of laws that govern complex systems? Yes, of course, in the sense that different levels of experience call for description and analysis in different terms. The same is just as true for chemistry as for chaos. But fundamental new kinds of laws? Gleick’s lynch mob provides a counterexample.”
— Steven Weinberg (1992), Dreams of a Final Theory (pg. 62) [1]
Mathematics, e.g. computer science, itself is never the explanation of anything.”
— Steven Weinberg (1992), Dreams of a Final Theory (pg. 39)

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  • Anon. (2021). “Steven Weinberg: All Time Best Arguments Against Religion #1” (YT), The Wonderful Truth, Jul 20.

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