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The paragraph from Robert Sterner and James Elser’s 2002 Ecological Stoichiometry (§:Scope, pg. 3), wherein they give a 22-element empirical molecular formula for a human.[1]

In hmolscience, Sterner-Elser human molecular formula (TR:26) (LH:2) (TL:28) refers to a 22-element "empirical molecular formula" for a human, calculated in 2000 by American limnologists Robert Sterner and James Elser, and published in their Ecological Stoichiometry.[1]


In 2000, Robert Sterner and James Elser, two American limnologists, derived a 22-element "empirical molecular formula" for a human, based on the the classic six CHNOPS-elements: C, H, N, O, P, S, plus the following 16-elements: Ca, K, Cl, Na, Mg, Fe, F, Zn, Si, Cu, I, Sn, Mn, Se, Cr, and Co.[2]


The Sterner-Esler human "empirical molecular formula", which shows the the simplest positive integer ratio of atoms present in compound or molecular species, is as follows:


This 22-element formula was eventually published in their 2002 Ecological Stoiciometry, where they give a periodic table, showing the elements believed common to the mass composition of bacteria.[1]

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