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In existographies, Socrates (2424-2354 BE) (469-399 BCM) (IQ:180|#178) (ID:2.57|70) (Cattell 1000:29) (RGM:3|1,350+) (PR:16|65AE / philosopher:3) (Murray 4000:12|WP) (Becker 139:14|14L) (Stokes 100:7) (GPhE:4) (ACR:8) (FA:13) (CR:127) (LH:6) (TL:133|#88) was a Greek philosopher, noted for []



Socrates was influenced by: Anaxagoras (teacher).


Socrates influenced: Plato (student).


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The following are quotes on Socrates:

“What good did it do Epicurus to maintain that there is no providence; or Empedocles to teach atheism; or Socrates to swear by the dog, and the goose, and the plane-tree, and Asclepius struck by lightning, and the demons whom he invoked? And why did he willingly die? What reward, or of what kind, did he expect to receive after death? What did Plato's system of culture profit him? Or what benefit did the rest of the philosophers derive from their doctrines, not to enumerate the whole of them, since they are numerous? But these things we say, for the purpose of exhibiting their useless and godless opinions.”
Theophilus (c.170), “Letter to Autolycus” [1]

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    (b) Kors, Alan C. (2014). Atheism in France, 1650-1729, Volume I: the Orthodox Sources of Disbelief (pg. 191). Princeton University Press.

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