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In terms, social Newton existive (TR:41) (LH:3) (TL:44), shortcut key: (SNE:#), refers to an existive person whose has been said to be like a social Newton or one whose work falls into this category, give or take.


See also: Social Newton

The following is a work-in-progress ranking of existive social Newtons:

# Name Overview
Mimkes 75.png Jurgen Mimkes
(16- BE)
(1939- ACM)
Beg 75.png Arshad Beg
(23- BE)
(1932- ACM)
“If it could stand the test of time, Beg’s ideas, presented in [New Dimensions in Sociology], will rediscover new frontiers in sociology and will revolutionize the existing theories of human behavior as it has so far been propounded by philosophers.”
— Jameel Jalibi (1987), “Foreword by a Sociologist” (pg. 5) to Beg’s New Dimensions in Sociology[1]
Thomas Wallace 75 2.png Thomas Wallace
(20- BE)
(1935 ACM)
Hirata 75.jpg Christopher Hirata
(27- AE)
(1982- ACM)
Niu 75.png Wenyuan Niu
Adriaan de Lange 75.png Adriaan Lange
Josip Stepanic 75.png Josip Stepanic
Nordholm 75.png Sture Nordholm
Erich Muller 75.png Erich Muller
(8- AE)
(1963- ACM)
Hwang 75.png David Hwang
(24- AE)
(c.1979- ACM)
Arnopoulos 75.png Paris Arnopoulos
(22- BE)
(1933- ACM)
Georgi Gladyshev
(19- BE)
(1936- ACM)
Mala Radhakrishnan 75.png Mala Radhakrishnan
(23- AE)
(1978- ACM)
Dimitris Keranis 75.png Dimitris Keranis
Chisleag 75.png Radu Chisleag
Raikhlin 75.png Raddai Raikhlin
Philip Ball 75.png Philip Ball
(7- AE)
(1962- ACM)
Evguenii Kozliak 75.png Evguenii Kozliak

End matter


  1. Beg, Mirza Arshad Ali. (1987). New Dimensions in Sociology: a Physico-Chemical Approach to Human Behavior (abs) (intro) (pdf, annotations by Libb Thims, 2014). Karachi: The Hamdard Foundation.

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