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Three “smartest person alive” themed images: Ivar Gaiever’s 2017 I Am the Smartest Man I Know (Ѻ), a tongue-in-cheek style mediation on science, intellectual inquiry, and “life” itself, by the 1973 Nobel physics laureate, for work on electron tunneling and superconductivity; an image from a 2018 pop-ranking (Ѻ) of 10 minds, by Andreea Vaduva, a psychologist, including Hawking, Andrew Wiles, Paul Allen; and 2015 “Top 10 Smartest People Alive Today” (Ѻ) video, by Top 10 Clipz, showcasing: Terrence Tao, Grigori Perelman, and Christopher Hirata.  

In genius studies, smartest person alive is the defunct colloquial speak version of the query: who is the most-intelligent person "animate" and "moving", presently, on the planet; draft rankings, with 40+ names, are accumulating in the monthly-updated and rank-changing “smartest people existive” rankings.


The following are related quotes:

“The smartest person alive, would know they are NOT alive.”
Libb Thims (2014), “Mental note of three SPA purviews”, Jun 23 [1][2]

End matter


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  2. Compare: Jonathan Dowling (IQ:175|#269), Alfred Rogers (SPE 2020:6), and Ferris Jabr (SPE 2020:24)

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