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In existographies, Sebastia Serrano (11- BE) (1944- ACM) (LH:2) is a Spanish mathematician, philologist, and linguist, noted for []


In 2014, Serrano, in his Thermodynamics of Love: How to Save Relationships by Investing in Communication, building on the premise that the second law mandates a “this spontaneous tendency to disorder”, which is incorrect (see: dumbed-down thermodynamics), he attempts to outline a theory that language and information transmission is the key to building solid relationships, intermixed with some art of seduction principles; the abstract is as follows:[1]

“In an uncertain society such as today, building solid relationships seems almost a utopia. But are we really doomed to loneliness? Can't we do anything to counter this spontaneous tendency to disorder? The good news: nature has been working for millions of centuries to save us by investing in communication. When sexual differentiation forced our ancestors to invest energy in mating to ensure the survival of the species, those who were able to communicate best won large offspring. Starting from this premise, the author takes us on an exciting journey through time, and shows us how they changed the bodies of hominids to adapt to the preferences of their partners: protruding lips, harmonious shapes, visible genitals and fascinating minds. Perhaps, however, the most surprising innovation was the appearance of language: a tool capable not only of transmitting information, but also of telling wonderful stories and seducing the partner.”
— Sebastia Serrano (2014), Thermodynamics of Love (abs)[1]
Serrano's 2014 Thermodynamics of Love, a mixture of neuroscience, ideas on the second law, romance, seduction, and relationship communication.

The book, barring full Italian to English translation, given the above, seems to be "evolutionary psychology" themed effort; based on the Google key terms box and the cover image, seems to be largely a neuroscience book, focused the neurochemicals: dopamine, vasopressin, endorphins, oxytocin phenethylamine, etc., as shown below, all themed around romance.


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The following are quotes by Serrano:

“What has just been said seems to contradict the second principle of thermodynamics, which explains the meaning of irreversible processes and the general tendency towards disorder in isolated systems without external energy inputs: heat passes …”
— Sebastia Serrano (2014), Thermodynamics of Love (pg. 10)

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