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In education, school refers to []


Some of the noted schools of philosophy are:

  • Eleactic school | Founded by Parmenides
  • Stoic school | Founded by Zeno


The the following are the main historical hmolscience-themed schools, alphabetically ordered:[1]

  1. American school of econophysics
  2. Chinese social physics school
  3. Harvard Pareto circle
  4. Indian school of econophysics (aka "Kolkata school" according to Victor Yakovenko)
  5. Lausanne school of physical economics
  6. Mechanistic school | Mechanistic school of social thermodynamics | Pitirim Sorokin (1928)
  7. Odum school
  8. Physiocrats | referred to as a "school" by Steve Keen (2017) [2]
  9. Princeton Department of Social Physics
  10. Roegen-Daly school
  11. Romanian school of physical socioeconomics


The following are the main schools of thermodynamics, historically ordered:[3]

  1. Leiden University
  2. École Polytechnique
  3. Glasgow school of thermodynamics
  4. Berlin school of thermodynamics
  5. Edinburgh school of thermodynamics
  6. Gibbsian school
  7. Dutch school of thermodynamics
  8. “Osmotic school” of thermodynamics | See: Johannes van Laar[4]
  9. Dresden school of thermodynamics
  10. Energetics school
  11. Brussels school of thermodynamics
  12. Lewis school of thermodynamics
  13. MIT school of thermodynamics


The following are quotes:

“I worry that high school biology teachers are tiptoeing too respectfully around traditional beliefs.”
— Richard Dawkins (2008), Park High School teacher interview


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