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In existographies, Sam Harris (12- AE) (1967- ACM) (SPE:18|66AE) (RGM:1165|1,350+) (FA:240) (CR:74) (LH:6) (TL:80) is an American atheism advocate, philosopher, and neuroscientist, noted for []


On 12 Sep 2001, Harris, the day after 9/11 attacks, wherein Saudi Arabian terrorists, out of a justified religious "belief", few planes into various US buildings, began writing his The End of Faith, which was published in 2004, thereafter becoming a national best-seller, and launching the new atheism movement.


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The following are quotes by Harris:

“A belief is a lever that, once pulled, moves almost everything else in a person’s life. Are you a scientist? A liberal? A racist? These are merely species of belief in action. Your beliefs define your vision of the world; they dictate your behavior; they determine your emotional responses to other human beings.”
— Sam Harris (2004), The End of Faith (pg. 12) [1]

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  1. Harris, Sam. (2004). The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason. W.W. Norton & Co.

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