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In genius studies, SI unit geniuses (CR:45) (LH:#) (TL:#), shortcut key: (SIG:#), refers to []


The follow is listing of the main SI units, shown with each person behind the unit, ordered according to the person's top 2000 rankings:

# Date Person IQR
Force F kgm/s² 1676 Isaac Newton 75.png Isaac Newton
(312-228 BE)
(1643-1727 ACM)
Entropy J/K 1865 Clausius 75.png Rudolf Clausius
(133-67 BE)
(1822-1888 ACM))
Flux density T Wb/m² 1882 Tesla 75.png Nikola Tesla
(99-12 BE)
(1856-1943 ACM)
Pressure Pa N/m² 1648 Pascal 75.png Blaise Pascal
(332-293 BE)
(1623-1662 ACM)
Volume V 1654 Guericke 75.png Otto Guericke
(353-269 BE)
(1602-1686 ACM)
Temperature T K 1848 Thomson 75.png William Thomson
(131-48 BE)
(1824-1907 ACM)
Capacitance F s⁴m⁻²kg⁻¹ 1854 Faraday 75.png Michael Faraday
(164-88 BE)
(1791-1867 ACM)
Current A C/s 1827 Ampere 75.png Andre Ampere
(180-119 BE)
(1775-1836 ACM)
Work W Nm 1824 Coriolis 75.png Gustave Coriolis
(1833-112 BE)
(1772-1843 ACM)
Energy joule Nm 1845 Joule 75.png James Joule
(137-66 BE)
(1818-1889 ACM)
Frequency Hz 1/s 1888 Hertz 75.png Heinrich Hertz
(98-61 BE)
(1857-1894 ACM)
Power W J/s 1783 Watt 75.png James Watt
(219-136 BE)
(1736-1819 ACM)
Magnetic flux Wb Vs (add) Wilhelm Weber 75.png Wilhelm Weber
(151-64 BE)


V W/A (add) Volta 75.png Alessandro Volta
(1745-1827 ACM)
Mol NA 6.022E23 1811 Avogadro 75.png Amedeo Avogadro
(1799-99 BE)
(1776-1856 ACM)
Charge C As 1717 Coulomb 75.png Charles Coulomb
(219-149 BE)
(1736-1806 ACM)
Radioactivity Bq 1/s 1896 Henri Becquerel 75.png Henri Becquerel
(103-47 BE)
(1852-1908 ACM)
Resistance Ω kgs⁻³m⁻² 1827 Ohm 75.png Georg Ohm
(166-101 BE)
(1789-1854 ACM)
Inductance henry Wb/A 1832 Joseph Henry 75.png Joseph Henry
(164-88 BE)
(1791-1867 ACM)
Catalysis katal mol/s 1794 No image 2.png Elizabeth Fulhame
(205-135 BE)
Conductance siemens 1/Ω (add) Carl Siemens 75.png Carl Siemens
(132-72 BE)
(1823-1883 ACM)

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