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In existographies, Roger Penrose (24- BE) (1931- ACM) (SPE 2021:28) (Becker 160:153) (CR:8) (LH:#) (TL:#) is an English theoretical physicist, noted for []


In 2010, Penrose, in his Cycles of Time: an Extraordinary New View of the Universe, extends general relativity, while opposing string theory and inflation models, and forward the march of the maximum entropy state, in accordance with the second law.[1]


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“We ourselves are configurations of ridiculously tiny entropy.”
— Roger Penrose (1989), The Emperor’s New Mind (pg. #) [2]
Entropy per baryon tends so increase relentlessly and stupendously with time.”
— Roger Penrose (2004), The Road to Reality (pg. #) [3]
“I'm not a believer myself. I don't believe in established religions of any kind. I would say I'm an atheist.”
— Roger Penrose (2010), “Interview”, BBC Radio 4, Sep 25

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  • Penrose, Roger. (2017). Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe (god, pg. 62). Princeton.

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