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A visual of retinal, formula: C20H280, a three-element light-sensitive molecule, found in the retina of the eye, that changes from a normal cis-configuration (bent geometry) to a heightened state trans-configuration (straight geometry), shown above when a particular wavelength of light, in visible range: 400-700 nm, is present.

In terms, retinal (TR:5) (LH:2) (TL:7) refers to []


The following shows an animation of retinal going from the bent configuration (11-cis retinal) to the straightened configuration (all-trans retinal) when a certain electromagnetic force wavelength of light shines on the "C10-C11 portion", aka the mind, of the molecule, thereby causing an electron, in one of the C10 or C11 carbon atoms, to jump up in orbitals, which causes the molecule as whole to move into the straightened configuration, so to re-establish a stable proton-electron geometry:

Retinal 407W.gif

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