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A diagram showing the doorway to "reality", framed into a wall of purported-to-be "real" things, terms, and concepts, namely: work, god, energy, atoms, life, force, ether, phlogiston, death, angels, power, heat, soul, evil, caloric, movement, entropy, and Higgs boson.

In terms, reality (TR:329) (LH:4) (TL:333) refers to []


The following are related quotes:

“To a materialist no thing is real but atoms in a void and we are but ‘molecular people’ controlled by the actions of natural physicochemical law.”
George Scott (1985), Atoms of the Living Flame (pg. 181) [1]
“If you vest your meaning in imaginary things, your meaning will always be imaginary. If you vest your meaning in real things, your meaning will always be closer to reality.”
Libb Thims (2015), mental note, arisen at gym; circa 2:30PM CST Jul 24; posted to the “Quotes” section of the Zerotheism for Kids article.
“When one experiences, as a teen or in early childhood, both early parental death and immediate family suicide, one’s acuteness to reality becomes honed, similar to an eagle sighting its prey, whose visual acuity is eight times[2] that of an average human.”
Libb Thims (66AE), “Shower Thought”, Sep 5[3]

End matter


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Further reading

  • Thims, Libb. (2017). Smart Atheism for Kids, Volume One (pdf) (§7: Reality, pgs. 51-55). Publisher.

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