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The results of a 2021 poll, posted to r/RealGeniuses, by Libb Thims, with 48 votes cast; the top three answers: reality, existence, and death (bolded adjacent), can be compared to the 10-question online polls (see: key query).[1]

In terms, real (TR:118) (LH:10) (TL:128), as compared to “unreal” (or nonreal), refers to []


The following are related quotes:

“The law of conservation of energy, applies to some things and not to others, and the things which it does not apply are unreal.”
James Johnstone (1914), The Philosophy of Biology (pg. #)[2]
“To a materialist no thing is real but atoms in a void and we are but molecular people controlled by the actions of natural physicochemical law.”
George Scott (1985), Atoms of the Living Flame (pg. 181)[3]
“What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel; what you can taste; what you can smell and see; then real is simply electrical signals being interpreted by your brain.”
— Lana Wachowski (1999), The Matrix (co-author: Lilly Wachowski) (character: Morpheus)

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