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The IUPAC Gold Book definition of "reactant", explained as a substance consumed in the course of a chemical reaction.[1]

In terms, reactant (TR:172) (LH:17) (TL:189|#194) is a substance consumed in the course of a chemical reaction.[1]


The following are quotes:

“So, if we are the reactants, an endothermic relationship creates a product that is less stable than the compounds that produced it. We’ve all felt a little crazy around certain people, and more capable and even-keeled after removing ourselves from their influence. In contrast, an exothermic partnership produces love energy and makes potentially unstable reactants more stable. This is the contentment (good energy) otherwise anxious people can feel with people who calm them.”
Karin Jones (2018), “Thermodynamics of Love” (§11), Dec 18[2]
“In AEON, you and your friends represent prebiotic environments where ‘life’ might have emerged. Together, you build a network of chemical reactions that transforms simple prebiotic reactants into complex molecules. Eventually, these molecules will allow you to establish the basic mechanisms of life which make the reactions more efficient. The first player to create all the requirements for the emergence of biological evolution wins the game.”
Bernhard Altaner (2021), “AEON overview”,, Aug [3]

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