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In acronyms, RGA (LH:2), short for "ranker greatest atheists", refers to []


In 2018, Libb Thims had made a 370+ person “greatest atheists of all time” list at Ranker.com, and had solicited voted from various YouTube channels and r/Atheism, which by Dec had 1.9k votes, 193 voters, and 1.9k views.[1]

On 20 May 2020, Thims turned the then-extant Ranker.com listing (200-voters; 2k votes) into a four-part YouTube video series, comprising 3:16 hours of video presentation countdown to #1.[2]

In Feb 2021, the list had 377 names, 9.5k votes, 782 voters, and 3.5k views.

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