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In existographies, Pythagoras (2525-2445 BE) (c.570-490 BCM) (IQ:180|#85) (Cattell 1000:89) (RGM:7|1,350+) (PR:100|65AE / philosopher:15) (Becker 160:50|4L) (Becker 139:78|4L) (Stokes 100:2) (GME:11) (ACR:6) (ESA:8) (CR:119) (LH:3) (TL:121|#86) was a Greek mathematician and philosopher, centered on the island of Samos, of Ionia, noted for []


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The following are quotes by Pythagoras:

“Know, so far as is permitted thee, that nature is in all things uniform.”
— Pythagoras (c.520BC), Publication; cited by Constance Plumptre (1888) in Natural Causation (title page) [1]

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  1. Plumptre, Constance E. (1888). Natural Causation: an Essay in Four Parts (pg. #). Unwin.

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