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In terms, prediction (TR:5) (LH:4) (TL:9) refers to []


The following are quotes:

Haber’s Thermodynamics of Technical Gas Phase Reactions [1905] is the most important contribution to the subject of predicting the course of a chemical reaction from a few characteristic constants of the reacting substances, after the ill-starred attempt of Berthelot.”
— Arthur Lamb (1907), “Translators Preface”
“Statesmen of this and other nations, different from their own, have embarked upon grandiose undertakings where on physical grounds failure was predictable, and where failure meant that people perished in vain.”
John Q. Stewart (1952), “Article” (pg. 132) [1]

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  1. Stewart, John Q. (1952). “Article” (pg. 132), Impact of Science on Society, Volume Three. United Nations Education.

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