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The summary box section, from the back cover of the 2005 draft edition of Thims' Human Thermodynamics, wherein the central question is: "what is the POINT of everything?".[1]

In terms, point (TR:47) (LH:10) (TL:57) refers to []


The following are related quotes:

“You cannot contest the inestimable benefit which I shall confer on all mankind, to the last generation, by discovering a passage near the pole to those countries, to reach which at present so many months are requisite; or by ascertaining the secret of the magnet. Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose — a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”
— Mary Shelley (1818), Frankenstein (§:Letter 1) [2]
“I know not who put me into the world, nor what the world is, nor what I myself am. I am in terrible ignorance of everything. I know not what my body is, nor my senses, nor my soul, not ever that part of me which thinks what I say, which reflects on all and on itself, and knows itself no more than the rest. I see those frightful spaces of the universe which surround me, and I find myself tied to one corner of this vast expanse, without knowing why I am put in this place rather than another, nor why this short time which is given me to live is assigned to me at this point rather than at another of the whole eternity which was before me or which shall come after me. I see nothing but infinities on all sides, which surround me as an atom, and as a shadow which endures only for an instant and returns no more. All I know is that I must die, but what I know least is this very death which I cannot escape.”
— Anon student (1950), “Letter to Albert Einstein”, from nineteen-year-old engineering student at Rutgers University, Dec [3]
“What is the point of every thing?”
Libb Thims (c.1989), re-occurring, age 15 to early 40s, mental puzzlement[4]; on back cover of Human Thermodynamics (2004) [1]

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