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In existographies, Plato (2378-2303 BE) (c.423-348 BCM) (IQ:180|#98) (Cattell 1000:10) (RGM:16|1,350+) (PR:11|65AE / philosopher:2) (Murray 4000:2|WP) (Becker 139:1|19L) (Stokes 100:8) (Perry 80:1|Li) (Norlinger 22:25) (Durant 10:2) (ACR:1) (GPhE:2) (ESA:14) (CR:301) (LH:12) (TL:313|#20) was a Greek philosopher, noted for []



In c.370BC, Plato, of note, tried to buy up and burn all of the books of Democritus, because he loathed him so, but he was informed that they were so prevalent that it was a fruitless effort (Aristoxenus, 325BC).


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The following are quotes on Plato:

“Speaking of Plato, I will add, that no writer, ancient or modern, has bewildered the world with more ignes fatui [misleading influence], than this renowned philosopher, in ethics, in politics, and in physics. In the latter, to specify a single example, compare his views on the animal economy, in his Timaeus, with those of Margaret Bryan in her Conversations on Chemistry, and weigh the science of the canonized philosopher against the good sense of the unassuming lady. But Plato’s versions have furnished a basis for endless systems of ‘mystical theology’, and he is therefore all but adopted as a Christian saint. It is surely time for men to think for themselves, and to throw off the authority of names so artificially magnified.”
Thomas Jefferson (1820), “Letter to William Short”, Aug 4[1]

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The following are quotes by Plato:

“There is truth in wine and children.”
— Plato (c.380BC), Symposium (character: Phaedrus)[2]

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