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In existographies, Pitirim Sorokin (66 BE- 13 AE) (1889-1968 ACM) (IQ:175|#301) (ID:2.21|79) (PR:6170|65AE / sociologist:17) (Scott 50:38) (GJ:12) (EPD:M5) (CR:129) (LH:11) (TL:141|#77) was a Russian-born American sociologist, noted for


In 1928, Sorokin, in his Contemporary Sociological Theories, a book with "more than a thousand authors listed" (Odum, 1929), devoted the opening chapter "The Mechanistic School", the first sixty-pages, to first summarize what he calls the "mechanistic school of social thermodynamics", namely those who have used a human molecule or social atom views, steeped in social mechanism and thermodynamics-based views, including: Leon Winiarski, Vilfredo Pareto, Eugene Roberty, Henry Carey, and Wilhelm Ostwald, to conclude and argue, in the end, that the theories developed by this school are all "pseudo-sciences" and mere "superficial analogies".[1]

Harvard-Pareto circle

In the years of the Harvard-Pareto cycle, from 1932 to 1942, Sorokin was the chief combatant, in meeting arguments, against Lawrence Henderson.[2]

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