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In existographies, Pierre Laplace (206-128 BE) (1749-1827 ACM) (IQ:195|#15) (ID:2.50|77) (Cattell 1000:233) (RGM:315|1,350+) (PR:687|65AE / mathematician:16) (Murray 4000:8|CS / 4|A) (Becker 160:58|4L) (Simmons 100:29) (GPE:34) (CR:203) (LH:8) (TL:213|#42) was a French mathematician, physicist, and astronomer, noted for []


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The following are quotes by Laplace:

“I had no need of that hypothesis.”
— Pierre Laplace (1802), reply to Napoleon upon being asked why the name ‘god’ was not used in his five-volume Celestial Mechanics [1]
“The logarithms of Napier and Briggs, by shortening the labors, doubled the life of the astronomer.”
— Pierre Laplace (c.1800), Publication; cited by William Dunham (1989) in Journal Through Genius (pg. 157)[2]

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