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In occupations, physicist (LH:10) refers to one who works or studies in the field of physics; those who study the "motion" of things, e.g. Democritus, as compared to those believe in a motionless monism, e.g. Parmenides, who do not believe in motion (Aristotle, 322BC).


The following are the top physicists, according to Pantheon’s historical popularity index (HPI) ranking (PR), as of 2020 (65AE):[1]

# Person Country
Isaac Newton English
Albert Einstein German-born American
Marie Curie Polish
Stephen Hawking English
Michael Faraday English
Wilhelm Rontgen German
Max Planck German
Alessandro Volta Italian
Niels Bohr Danish
James Joule English
Andre Ampere French
Ernest Rutherford New Zealand-born Eritish
James Maxwell Scottish
Robert Hooke English
Werner Heisenberg German
Evangelista Torricelli Italian
Henri Becquerel French
Christiaan Huygens Dutch
Georg Ohm German
Erwin Schrodinger Austrian
Hans Orsted
Heinrich Hertz
Enrico Fermi
Ibn Haytham
Pierre Curie
Daniel Bernoulli
Hendrik Lorentz
Luigi Galvani
Louis Broglie
Henry Cavendish
Daniel Fahrenheit
Richard Feynman
Joseph Thomson
Gustav Kirchhoff
Charles Coulomb
Ernst Mach
Wolfgang Pauli
Andrei Sakharov
Lise Meitner
Pieter Zeeman
Leon Foucault
Philipp Lenard
Ludwig Boltzmann
Paul Dirac
Hermann Helmholtz
Johannes Waals
Christian Doppler
Kamerlingh Onnes
William Gilbert
Georges Lemaitre
James Chadwick
Otto Guericke
Max Born
William Thomson
Robert Millikan
Mikhail Lomonosov
Rudolf Clausius
Gaspard Coriolis
George Gamow
Jean Perrin
Albert Michelson
Peter Debye
Johann Balmer
Hippolyte Fizeau
Francois Arago
Kip Thorne
Karl Schwarzschild
Willard Gibbs
Percy Bridgman
Georg Lichtenberg
Robert Mayer
Roger Penrose
Emile Clapeyron
Benjamin Thompson
Murray Gell-Mann
Hugh Everett
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
Jacques Charles
Steven Weinberg
Osborne Reynolds
Satyendra Bose
Charles Townes
Willis Lamb
Freeman Dyson
Philip Anderson
John Wheeler


The following are other noted physicists, lower in the rankings, shown below (because above table is auto-numbered):

Person Country
415 Walter Heitler German

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