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In existographies, Peter Tait (124-54 BE) (1831-1901 ACM) (PR:43,346|65AE / mathematician:642) (CR:145) (LH:6) (TL:151|372) was a Scottish mathematician, physicist, and natural philosopher, noted for []


In 1864, Tait published “Dynamical Theory of Heat” and “Energy” in the North British Review, wherein he began to outline his views on the historical development of thermodynamics.

In 1868, Tait, in his Sketch of Thermodynamics, attempted to give an outline of thermodynamics, but resulted to give sort of Scottish-English biased presentation of thing, disparaging the Germans, and giving an incorrect presentation of entropy.[1]


In 1971, Donald Cardwell, in his From Watt to Clausius, gave a harsh and honest review of Tait’s role in the history of thermodynamics, as being a sort nationality-biased player in science. [2]

Tait, barring prolonged digression, seems to have had an over-estimation of his own intellectual level.



Tait associated with: William Thomson (friend), James Maxwell (friend), Balfour Stewart.


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“We are quote ignorant of the condition of energy in bodies generally. We know how much gas goes in, and how much comes out, and know whether at entrance and exit it is in the form of heat or work. That is all.”
— Peter Tait (c.1670), Publication
“Oh, that’s nothing – I could coach a coal scuttle to be a senor wrangler.”
— Peter Tait (c.1860), Publication [3]
“The next grand extension of mathematical physics, will, in all likelihood, be furnished by quaternions.”
— Peter Tait (1866), “Note on Quaternion Transformation”, Apr 6 [4]

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