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In existographies, Peter Atkins (15- BE) (1940- ACM) (PR:30,099|65AE / chemist:371) (FA:211) (CR:63) (LH:3) (TL:66|#161) is an English physical chemist, noted for []


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The following are quotes by Atkins:

“The reason why particles like pigs and people do not normally seem to be waves is simply that their wavelengths are normally so short as to be undetectable. Nevertheless, distribution as waves they are, and that attribute provides explanations which are totally beyond the reach of classical physics.”
— Peter Atkins (1992), Creation Revisited (pg. 55)[1]
“The tendency of energy to chaos is transformed into love or war through the agency of chemical reactions. All actions are chains of reactions. From thinking to doing, in simple thinking or in responding, the mechanism in action is chemical reaction.”
— Peter Atkins (1981), Creation (pg. #)[2]

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