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A screen shot of the search box and "rankings" drop menu, wherein one can find Pantheon Rankings (PR) of 70K existographies in Wikipedia.[1]

In acronyms, PR (LH:3), short for “Pantheon Rankings”, refers to the rankings of 70K+ existographies of individuals in Wikipedia, each name found in 15+ language editions, ranked by their “Historical Popularity Index” (HPI) metric.[1]


In 2012, Cesar Hidalgo[2], head of the MIT Collective Learning group, had ranked the top 20 most influential names in Wikipedia.[3]

In 2014, Hidalgo co-founded, which is the platform that runs Pantheon.[4]

In 2016, Amy Yu, Shahar Ronen, Kevin Hu, and Tiffany Lu, under the supervision of Hidalgo, as summarized in their “Pantheon 1.0: a Manually Verified Dataset of Globally Famous Biographies”, summarized the 1.0 version of their ranking program, based on 11K+ existographies, which they compared to the Murray 4000, to test for accuracy.[5]

In 2020, a Pantheon 2.0 version was running, which had ranked 70K+ existographies, and gave comparison between 2019 and 2020 rankings, in respect to change in position.


In Hmolpedia, the following are example keys:

  • Johann Goethe (PR:63|65AE / Writers:4) indicates that Goethe was ranked 63rd in the 2020 (65AE) Pantheon Rankings of 70K existographies, and ranked 4th among occupation: writers.
  • Erwin Schrodinger (PR:704|65AE / Physicists:20) indicates that Schrodinger was ranked 704th in 2020 (65AE) Pantheon Rankings of 70K existographies; and ranked 20th among occupation: physicists.

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