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In existographies, Norman Dolloff (48 BE-29 AE) (1907-1984 ACM) (IQ:185|#48) (ID:2.40|77) (SN:5|55+) (EVT:24) (TR:41) (LH:12) (TL:53|#172) was an American metallurgical engineering geologist, noted for []


In 1975, Dolloff, in his Heat Death and the Phoenix (1975), gave the following "organism synthesis equation":[1]

Dolloff is classified as the transition point mindset of someone grappling to switch from the entropy "order/disorder" model of everything to the "free energy" model of everything; all done in the framework of explicit atheism.

Kind of like the watershed moment of humankind switching from intellectual "retardedness" to the start of so-called new "enlightenment".[2]

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  1. Dolloff, Norman H. (1975). Heat Death and the Phoenix: Entropy, Order, and the Future of Man (figure 1.3, pg. 19; free energy, 27+ pgs; Gibbs, 9+ pgs; god; 3+ pgs; social, 9+ pgs). Exposition Press.
  2. Note: this "enlightenment" differs, in a significant way, from the older enlightenments of the 18th and 17th century, in England and France.

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