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A copy-and-past visual of 1988 online Norlinger 22, made by Ulf Norlinger, which listed twenty-two “Estimated IQs of some of the Greatest Geniuses” , along with anchor-linked paragraphs to a dozen or so highlighted geniuses (with photos), as shown above.[1] This was the first main online site dedicated to geniuses.

In genius studies, Norlinger 22 (LH:20) refers to 1998 online listing of “Estimated IQs of some of the Greatest Geniuses” (inactivated: 2014), totaling 22 names, compiled by Ulf Norlinger. The Norlinger 22, historically, was the first online listing of geniuses.[2]


In 1998, Ulf Norlinger, launched an online listing of “Estimated IQs of some of the Greatest Geniuses” (inactivated: 2014), based on estimates from the Cox IQs (1926), and various sources: Encyclopedia Britannica, Guinness Book of Records, Popular Science (Swedish magazine), Daily News (Swedish newspaper), his professor in mathematics, a comparing study between the geniuses of their centuries in Mensa Research Journal, Buzan (1994), etc.


The following table shows Norlinger's list (Norlinger 22:#), showing the ratio IQ (RIQ), supposedly these meaning Cox IQs, and deviation IQ (DIQ), which he says were supplied by Stevan Damjanovic, which in all probability was one of the first genius rankings on the Internet; the check ✓ mark shows if the IQ N.jpg has been cited in the top 2000 minds (T2K); names without IQ citation (or estimate), i.e. those below George Sand (Norlinger 22:22), are simply the "highlight geniuses", from his website (those with pictures), listed below by picture order:[1]

Person RIQ DIQ T2K
Johann Goethe 210 179
Emanuel Swedenborg 205 176
Gottfried Leibniz 205 176
John Mill 200 174
Blaise Pascal 195 171
Ludwig Wittgenstein 190
Bobby Fisher 187 167
Galileo 185 165
Rene Descartes 180 162
Madame Stael 180 162
Immanuel Kant 175 159
Linus Pauling 170 156
Sofia Kovalevskaya 170 156
Thomas Chatterton 170 156
Charles Darwin 165 153
Wolfgang Mozart 165 153
George Eliot 160 150
Nicolaus Copernicus 160 150
Olof Palme 156
Rembrandt 155 146
Anna Lindh 152 145
George Sand 150 143
Leonardo Vinci
Maria Agnesi
Albert Einstein
Maria Curie
Stephen Hawking
Simone Beauvoir
Srinivasa Ramanujan
Maia Chiburdanidze
William Sidis
Marilyn Savant

In 1999, Norlinger's greatest geniuses list was accompanied by and online posting board of Q&A email discussion, with interesting commentary on the IQ of Will Hunting, Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Nietzsche's uberman, the faked Savant IQ scam (see: genius ceiling IQ)[3], among others.[4]

In 2000s, Libb Thims absorbed most of Norlinger's list research; adding it to his own similar genius ranking IQ project of sorts, thereafter forming one of the early anchor points to the present top 2000 minds rankings.[5]

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