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In existographies, Nikola Tesla (99-12 BE) (1856-1943 ACM) (IQ:195|#18) (ID:2.27|86) (RGM:5|1,350+)(PR:56|65AE / inventor:4) (Becker 160:10|11L) (SIG:3) (CR:153) (LH:4) (TL:159|#66) was a Austrian-born American electrical engineer, philosopher, and inventor, noted for []


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The following are quotes by Tesla:

“There is no thing endowed with ‘life’ — from man, who is enslaving the elements, to the humblest creature — in all this world that does not sway it in turn. Whenever action is born from force, though it be infinitesimal, the cosmic balance is upset and universal motion result.”
— Nikola Tesla (1915), “How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destinies” [1]

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