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In existographies, Nicolaus Copernicus (482-412 BE) (1473-1543 ACM) (IQ:185|#55↑) (ID:2.64|70) (Cattell 1000:341) (RGM:20|1,350+) (PR:30|65AE / astronomer:2) (Murray 4000:5|A) (Gottlieb 1000:18) (Becker 160:16|8L) (Stokes 100:25) (Simmons 100:10) (Kanowitz 50:15) (Norlinger 22:18) (Durant 10:4) (GPE:35) (GAE:1) (EPD:F3) (CR:153) (LH:5) (TL:162|#63), in Latin: "Nicolao Copernico", was a Polish mathematician, astronomer, and physician, aka "next Ptolemy" (Reinhold, 1542), noted for []


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The following are quotes on Copernicus:

“I am thoroughly frightened by what happened to our master, Copernicus. Although he won immortal fame among some persons, nevertheless among countless – for so large is the number of fools – he became a target of ridicule and derision. I would of course have the courage to make my thoughts public, if there were more people like you. But since there aren’t, I shall avoid this kind of activity.”
Galileo (1596), “Letter to Johannes Kepler

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The following are quotes by Copernicus:

“When I attribute certain motions to the terrestrial globe, they will immediately shout to have me and my opinion hooted off the stage. Therefore, when I weighted these things in my mind, the scorn which I had to fear on account of the newness and absurdity of my opinion [that the earth moves] almost drove me to abandon a work already undertaken. In fact, I kept [the manuscript] hidden among my things.”
— Nicholas Copernicus (c.1540), a reference, supposedly, to the earlier work of Zarqali and Battani [1]

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