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In existographies, Niccolo Tartaglia (455-398 BE) (c.1500-1557 ACM) (IQ:#|#) (CR:4) refers to []


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The following are quotes by Tartaglia:

Tartaglia was the first to have a clear idea of the ‘vertical’ and ‘lateral’ pressure in a liquid.”
William Middleton (1964), The History of the Barometer (pg. 5) [1]
“At last the prominent Italian mathematician Niccolo Tartaglia declared publicly that the trajectory of a body flying in any but a vertical direction can only be curve and ‘contains not a single absolute straight line’.”
Georgij Alekseev (1978), Energy and Entropy (pg. 62) [2]

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    (b) Middleton, William E. (1964). The History of the Barometer (pg. 5). Publisher.
  2. Alekseev, Georgij. (1978). Energy and Entropy (pg. 62). Mir.

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