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The cover of Arshad Beg's 1987 New Dimensions in Sociology: a Physico-Chemical Approach to Human Behavior, wherein he explains sociology according to the principles of physical chemistry.[1]

In famous publications, New Dimensions in Sociology: a Physio-Chemical Approach to Human Behavior (TR:5) (LH:#) (TL:#) is a 1987 book by Arshad Beg, wherein the principles of physical chemistry, in particular the chemical thermodynamics of Gilbert Lewis, e.g. Gibbs energy and fugacity, are applied to explain the behavior and reactions of people, with humans defined explicitly types of chemicals, and social transformations defined using the logic of human chemical reaction theory.[1]


In 1974, Arshad Beg, a organo-metallic chemistry, was nominated to attend some business and public administration courses; which he attended a silent observer and note taker:

“In 1974, I was nominated to attend an advanced training course at the National Institute of Public Administration, Karachi. As a chemist working on the fundamental aspects of coordination and organometallic chemistry, it seemed odd and totally unrelated to me. However, the first lecture by [management scientist] Ahmed Mumtaz was quite polarizing when he said that if the lectures during the following weeks could create a disturbance, even though slight, in the thinking of the participants, the objectives of the course would be attained and this led me to take the course with an open mind. I devoted quite a bit of my time to the course material picking up points related to chemistry and interpreting them in physico-chemical terms, wherever possible.
A peculiar feature of the course was that the lecturers were using terms like polarization, activation, potential energy, complexes, compounds, perhaps metaphorically and in an unrelated context. This compelled me to ask some of them if they were aware of the real sense of the terminologies which have actually been borrowed from chemistry or material sciences. As expected, they had no clue to them and this prompted me to write a few notes, related physico-chemical terminologies to those of human behavior. I was encouraged in doing so by Dr. Ahsan Siddiqui, the then deputy director of the Institute, who thought it would be a valuable contribution to the field of sociology.”

Beg then had these lecture noted notes mimeographed and published in a booklet entitled Human Behavior in Scientific Terminology in 1976.[2]

In 1979 to 1982, Beg, based on his Human Behavior in Scientific Terminology, published four articles in the Pakistan Management Review.[3] He received positive encouragement from readers of these early publications.

In 1987, Beg, building on his previous five publications, published New Dimensions in Sociology: a Physio-Chemical Approach to Human Behavior.


The following are quotes:

“If it could stand the test of time, the ideas, presented in New Dimensions in Sociology will rediscover new frontiers in sociology and will revolutionize the existing theories of human behavior as it has so far been propounded by philosophers. Beg's approach is a pioneering effort his writing style is matter of fact and demands adequate knowledge of physical chemistry.”
— Jameel Jalibi (1987), “Forward by a Sociologist”

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